There are discernible changes happening in the way people are paying their bills with some organizations offering multiple payment types and channels to pay bills. With research suggesting that about two-thirds of all bills are expected to be paid electronically by 2012; organizations risk losing consumer loyalty if they do not have the necessary processing infrastructure to support thei.0r customer's preferred payment modes. Cuecent ePAY is a unified electronic billing and payment platform enabling enterprises to design, build, deploy, and manage a collaborative e-payment environment bringing together service providers and payment enablers on a single platform allowing customers to make payments for services in a seamless manner. With Cuecent ePAY, can employ multiple revenue collection mechanisms with consumers being able to make their bill payments over the internet or telephone or at kiosks or point-of-sale (POS) terminals using their credit / debit cards.

Power Positions

  • Build and sustain long term customer relationships.
  • Maximize business profitability by growing bill pay transactions at customer touch points.
  • Reduce customer transaction and banks operational costs.
  • Gain complete visibility and control on every payment transaction.
  • Integrate seamlessly into the banks IT Infrastructure with a robust integration platform.
  • Automate reconciliation, refunds, disputes & settlement handling.
The Cuecent Advantage
  • Proven solutions tailored to the specific need of financial institutions.
  • Highly configurable and extensible platform for integrating systems from diverse entities & payment service providers.
  • Secure access to payment information and customer data.
  • Use of established best practices and repeatable methodologies helping ensure business strategy execution success.
  • A global delivery model that brings together high value industry proficiency, technology expertise & successful implementation experience.

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